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Рамиля Записаться на пробное занятие

Hello, everyone!

My name is Ramilya and I’ve been an English language teacher for already 10 years now!

I graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University (previously known as Maurice Thorez Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages) and have been working as a teacher and an interpreter / translator since 2003.

Apart from my degree in teaching I also did a Cambridge course for teachers of the English language called CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). This certificate gives me the right to teach English to speakers of other languages all over the world!

I use the communicative approach which is a combination of Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing. It means that you will start speaking English from the very first lesson!

Having taught English for such a long time, I am naturally upgrading my qualification all the time. At present I teach General English, English for tourism,Business English and English for International Exams.

I myself have been studying English for over 20 years and I am sure that it is not just something necessary in the modern world, but it is a fascinating and absorbing process that gives you loads of opportunities, from the ability to read original literature and travel around the world to a successful career growth!

In case you join me in this wonderful journey around the English world, you are sure to find out what an interesting and breathtaking experience it is!

Look forward to hearing from you!